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About Us


Catholic Online School is a New Evangelization movement to help save the world by creating and implementing solutions to the most basic global issues in the area of moral education. Doing so will raise millions of people out of poverty and improve the lives of everyone, both rich and poor.

Catholic Online School has studied the many problems associated with poverty and illiteracy. After reviewing findings from 75 world wide studies, our analysis shows that moral Catholic educational programs work.  Not only in getting children into school and keeping them there, but also exciting them to learning more, especially in reading, writing, math, and health.

For years organizations from around the world have sent food and money to these developing countries, but not much seems to change. We have not seen an improvement in the mortality or hunger rates in many years.

Learning how to read, write, acquiring a trade or skill is invaluable for children and adults struggling to break the cycle of poverty caused by a lack of resources, access, and opportunity. Catholic Online School is working to teach not only literacy and trades, but also to bring people to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through educational programs that share the Gospel and help us all grow in our faith.

Catholic Online School has identified what is needed to improve learning and help eradicate poverty.
  • Offering a FREE world class Catholic education for anyone, anywhere. 
  • Strengthen knowledge and learning with a basic moral Catholic education
  • Catholic Online School is 100% mobile
  • Providing teachers, all the teaching resources needed to teach
  • Age appropriate learning resources for all students. 
  • If the student is in public school, they can also have a FREE Catholic education
  • Bringing FREE personalized Catholic education to all people of the world to help end hunger and poverty
  • Pope Francis on the 'Importance of Educators'


We are committed to improving the quality and availability of digital content and tools so that teachers can have confidence in the resources they use, and to ensure that K-12 and adult education systems put in place the right programs, processes, and structures to bring these tools to the classroom. Our funding priorities emphasize personalized learning initiatives that bring in teachers as designers—and allow them to customize the way the resources are used in the classroom.



Personalized education creates deeper teacher-student bonds because the teacher has to know the student to customize a program and offer advice. Technology can help personalize education and bring students and teachers closer together—particularly when teachers get a chance to help design the technology to better meet learners’ needs. When teachers get a chance to help design the technology it makes their teaching better.

A quality education can lift marginalized children out of the cycle of poverty, equipping them to support themselves and their future families. 


'Give a lad a training suitable to his character and, even when old, he will not go back on it.'  Proverbs 22:6 NJB