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What is STREAM?

STREAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Math. As a Catholic school, our mission is to educate the whole child.

STREAM is also a visual description of flowing water. In the classroom or classroom environment STREAM is the flow of ideas over and across several subject areas. Equally important is the fact that the success of the STREAM program at any school or school environment will require a constant flow of communication, collaboration and planning among parish, school, administration, staff, parents and students.

STREAM is a framework for creative instruction. STREAM uses technology to advance the experience. Not only will students use traditional text, but will also use white boards, iPads, laptops, and Cell Phones to access the internet to explore, process and learn.

How does STREAM work?

STREAM is not a new curriculum, nor is it a specific subject but a creative method of teaching a concept across a variety of subjects.

For example, the sixth grade might study ancient Greece; in advance of the segment, teachers will meet and collaborate. Then, students might learn about the history and architecture of Greece in Social Studies, discuss and make models of Greek columns in Art class, or discuss and plan a mini-Olympics in gym class. For students this means the concepts are learned and reinforced across the curriculum rather than in just one subject.

In what grade will STREAM teaching be introduced?

STREAM will be taught across the curriculum from Pre K through 12th grade.


Who do I contact if my ORGANIZATION wants to partner, help fund or provide volunteers for a school?

If you think your organization might be interested in becoming a major sponsor for our STREAM initiative or wants to partner with Catholic Online School, please fill out the form below...

As an INDIVIDUAL, how can I become involved in this great project?

There are many ways parents, grandparents, alumni, parishioners and other supporters of Catholic education can help Catholic Online School. The options are really limitless. volunteers can come from all backgrounds and levels of experience. If you have an expertise or passion for any subject relating to science, technology, religion, engineering, any of the arts or math, and you want to volunteer, please fill out the form below...

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