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Imagine having class in a broken-down makeshift classroom with no teacher.



Every week, children all across the globe pack their bags and head to school. It’s a place for play, for learning and for growth. They hopefully will develop skills they can use into adulthood and friends they’ll cherish forever. 

However, there are still  774 million adults and  250 million children in the world who cannot read, write, and perform arithmetic.

We believe one of the largest contributors to global hunger and poverty is the lack of access to a  Moral Catholic education.

We are fully committed to bringing  FREE personalized Catholic education to all people of the world to help end hunger and poverty.

Education is the key to the future we want to see for every child. It all starts here at Catholic Online School.

We provide FREE online in-depth class resources for each student:
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Interactive Video / Script
  • Student Study Guide
  • Student Printouts
  • Student Quiz
  • Student Supplementals / Educational Resources
  • SAMPLE Student Lesson / Study Guide - http://bit.ly/2iWhfFP


Our mission is to provide a FREE world-class Catholic education for anyone, anywhere .