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Fatima is undoubtedly the most prophetic of modern apparitions. The first and second parts of the “secret” refer especially to the frightening vision of hell, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Second World War, and finally the prediction of the immense damage that Russia would do to humanity by abandoning the Christian faith and embracing Communist totalitarianism.

In 1917 no one could have imagined all this: the three pastorinhos of Fatima see, listen and remember, and Lucia, the surviving witness, commits it all to paper when ordered to do so by the Bishop of Leiria and with Our Lady's permission.

For the account of the first two parts of the “secret”, which have already been published and are therefore known, we have chosen the text written by Sister Lucia in the Third Memoir of 31 August 1941; some annotations were added in the Fourth Memoir of 8 December 1941.

The third part of the “secret” was written “by order of His Excellency the Bishop of Leiria and the Most Holy Mother ...” on 3 January 1944.

There is only one manuscript. The sealed envelope was initially in the custody of the Bishop of Leiria. To ensure better protection for the “secret” the envelope was placed in the Secret Archives of the Holy Office on 4 April 1957. The Bishop of Leiria informed Sister Lucia of this. And the story continues...


IIn this course, your entire Family will learn about The Secret Message of Our Lady of Fatima. This is a 13 Lesson Video Series. In these 13 lessons you will study the Three Secrets given by Our Lady of Fatima to the visionaries, and how they have changed millions of lives -- including yours.

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CLASS - Video Series

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2 -The 'Angel of Peace's Visits

3 -The Marian Apparitions

4 -Miracle of the Sun

5 -After the Apparitions

6 - The Death of Francisco and Jacinta

7 -Lucia’s journey after the apparitions

8 -The Pilgrimages and Church’s Stance

9 -Sister Lucia’s Memoirs and the Secrets

10 -First Secret

11 - Second Secret

12 -The Third Secret

13 -Canonizations